Data Only SIM EE

Data Only SIM EE with the need for speed!

Data only SIM EE comes with 4G.  The speed in which you’ll be able to access the network will depend on your device, the speed available in your area and on a range of factors affecting speed and coverage such as your location and the number of users. EE’s current download speed for 4G is up to 30 Mbps. Based on 2015 test data, up to speeds doubled from 30 Mbps to 60 Mbps and 4G network capacity doubled from 2 x 10 MHz to 2 x 20 MHz.

EE M2M SIMs Designed for Demanding Applications

The EE M2M SIMs are specially designed for use in demanding applications. They have a ruggedized design and have higher data endurance and greater heat resistance than normal SIMs. We only supply M2M-specific SIMs to ensure they can deliver the connectivity and reliability needed by M2M devices and applications.

Is there a limitation to how I use my Data Only SIM EE plan?

These data only plans are for normal taxi dispatch system usage and not for any other uses. If we find that the plans are being misused or being used for fraud, we’ll contact you and ask you to stop and if you don’t then we may disconnect your SIM card from our network.

What happens if I run out of my monthly data allowance?

We will send you a warning message once you’ve hit 80% and 100% of your monthly data allowance. Once you run out of your monthly data allowance, we won’t charge you anymore, but you won’t be able to use mobile internet. To continue to use mobile internet after you’ve used up your current month’s data allowance, you’ll need to buy one of our data add-ons which will allow you to use mobile internet until your next bill date.

Can I use my plan for WiFi Calling?

Yes you can if you have a compatible phone. On WiFi Calling, calls and texts are charged as per your EE pay monthly plan and come out of your monthly allowance as normal. Out of allowance calls will be charged at your plan’s standard rate. You may need to update the operating system software on your phone. You are responsible for using any WiFi network in line with its terms and conditions and you may be charged for using it. WiFi Calls use only small amounts of data (for example a 5 minute call will use about 1.7Mb), however you may want to check whether the phone is also connected to use data over the WiFi network and keep an eye on how much data you are using. EE does not accept any responsibility for the quality, security, availability or coverage of WiFi networks and any calls made or received over them.

About M2M Taxi SIMs

M2M TAXI SIMs offer a range of world-class network services which include EE, Vodafone, 02 and JT open roaming multi-network data sims, voice and data; bulk SMS and consultancy. Choose your network choose your plan choose your Taxi PDA phone and leave the rest to us.

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