Text Back Service for Taxis

Drive loyalty, increase bookings and reduce no-shows using SMS.

We’ll even give you 100 free text back service credits to get started.
Text Back Service for Taxis

Taxi Text Back Service

The Ultimate Taxi Booking Experience

Text Back Service for Taxis enables repeat business is the lifeline of every taxi and private hire firm. As a result, the delivery of the best customer service is vital to compete with disruptive ride-hailing companies.

Our marketing text platform is designed to deliver the ultimate taxi booking experience. Enabling you to offer high-quality customer service, drive loyalty while significantly increasing your taxi firms bottom line.

Text Back Service for Taxis

How it works?

Our Taxi Text Back SMS Messaging service is a great way for taxi companies to communicate with customers and drivers.

Contact Management System

Very simple to use contact management system that contains your contacts/subscribers. Search on and manage all your subscribers. Search on name, number, group and source of sign-up. Send these contacts an SMS individually from here or as part of a group from the bulk SMS module.

Booking Reminder System

A great way for Taxi Firms to reduce no-shows because their customer forgot about a booking, which saves valuable time and money. You can setup confirm, cancel, and reschedule settings which will determine what to do when the contact texts in your respective keywords.

SMS Taxi Booker Signup Widgets

This SMS Taxi Booker Signup Widget is placed on your website, giving new customers the option to request a pickup via text message, this could be exclusive to their home location.

Taxi Dispatch Customer Notification

As soon as your customer's Taxi has been dispatched, let then know their driver is on their way, how long they'll be and the make and model of the vehicle.

Taxi Driver Arrival Notification

Once your Taxi Driver has arrived your customer gets an SMS message. This feature is especially welcome during winter months or Corona Virus lockdown measures.

Online 2-Way SMS Chat

With M2M Bulk SMS online 2-way SMS chat, you can now stand above the rest and offer support via text message to your customers, all through a nice instant messenger interface!

QR Codes for Smart Taxi Payments

Scan PayPal QR Codes for faster transaction. This QR code is your unique code linked to your PayPal account. Giving quick access to the "Send Money" screen for your account.

SMS Punch Card Loyalty Rewards

Forget those archaic and often misplaced paper punch cards. You can now offer SMS “punch card” loyalty rewards to your customers and build loyalty to your brand to keep customers happy and coming back.

Integrations Are Essential

Text Back Service for Taxis Provides the ultimate experience with these integrations

Best Software Integrations

Text Back Service for Taxis Systems integration is crucial for any company to succeed. It ensures seamless data connectivity and reduces proneness to errors, improving both the internal workflow of your organisation and the prospects of your company on the market.
Automatically send connected users data to your email marketing service. Mailchimp, aWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, or Sendinblue! All handled seamlessly behind the scenes. Explore all our other software integrations below.
Text Back Service for Taxis

Integration Solutions

Enabling further personalization for your SMS Marketing Business

Facebook Integration

Ability to share your message to your Facebook page! Spread the word and increase participation among your fans giving you the ability to grow your subscribers by sharing your messages on your Facebook account.

Email Integrations

If email capture is turned on, automatically add the emails to your favorite email service like Mailchimp, aWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, or Sendinblue! All handled seamlessly behind the scenes.

SMS API Integration

Access the most core features of the Text Platform® through the API. Integrating the Text Platform® API into your application will enable you to extend the functionality of the platform into your own app!

Zapier SMS Integrations

Integrate SMS to 500+ external third party applications with Zapier. Our “no coding required” solution. Use our simple & quick Zapier business tools.

Monthly Bulk SMS Plan

Amazing Value & Functionality

Text Back Service

  • 50 SMS Credits Per Month with Auto Topup
  • Network Registered Sender ID
  • 1 Virtual Mobile Number
  • Send Bulk SMS
  • Group Management
  • Contact Management, Import Contacts
  • Affiliate System
  • Birthday SMS Wishes
  • Autoresponders
  • 2-Way SMS Chat
  • Calendar/Scheduler
  • Appointment Management
  • Voice Broadcast
  • Polls and Contests
  • Loyalty Programs and Kiosk Builder
  • Mobile Page Builder
  • Web Widgets
  • QR Codes and Short Codes
  • Q&A SMS Bots (NEW)
  • Mobile Coupons (NEW)
  • SMS Mobile Pay - Pay by Link (NEW)
  • SMS Rental Payments (NEW)

SMS 2000 Credits

  • 2000 SMS Credits

SMS 5000 Credits

  • 5000 SMS Credits

SMS 10,000 Credits

  • 10,000 SMS Credits

Get started with a free business trial.

100 free messages. No credit card required.

* UK prices are Ex VAT. Credit and bundle costs may vary internationally. Please contact us for more details


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