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About M2M Taxi SIMs

M2M Taxi SIMs are specialists in providing a bespoke M2M mobile data solution for your Taxi Despatch system. We provide a range of solutions and plans to ensure your devices are connected to the fastest and strongest network in your area.

We provide a complete range of data SIM only plans for Taxi PDA systems. Offering a complete range of world-class network services which include EE, Vodafone, 02 and JT open roaming multi-network data sims, voice and data; bulk SMS and consultancy. Choose your network, choose your plan, choose your PDA and leave the rest to us.

Why M2M Taxi SIMs

The power of a network operator with the flexibility of a solution provider

Best Data Signal

Always stay connected with strongest data connection for your TAXI PDAs. As a result improving PDA performance, customer experience and ensuring your drivers stay on the road

Best Data SIM Only Deals

Cheap taxi data SIM cards that are ideal for all taxis dispatch systems like Autocab, iCabbi and Cordic. A wide range of data SIM only deals with 2G/3G/GPRS and 4G LTE

Taxi PDA Smartphones

M2M Taxi SIMs provide a complete range of PDAs and Smartphones, tried and test within the industry. Includes SIM only Phones, or 12 Month Data Bundles

Best SIM Management

All SIMs and connectivity are managed by our M2M SIM Management Platform, which is clear and easy to use and provides deep network control and insights

Watchdog Alerts

No more unwanted "bill shock". Get usage Watchdog Alerts and email notifications for security to protect against overspend, misuse and fraud

Real-Time Data Monitoring

The M2M SIM Management Platform enables you to monitor each SIMs data usage in real-time individually

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DATA Roaming SIM Cards

Featured Data SIM & Phone Collection

Try it for Free for 30 Days!

Receive a maximum 3 test M2M SIM cards and 30 days of M2M Taxi SIM connectivity to try on your taxi PSAs.

Taxi Dispatch Systems

M2M Taxi SIMs work with all leading Taxi Dispatch Systems

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