About M2M Taxi SIMs

Keeping Taxis Connected

We help to keep Taxis Connected.

M2M Taxi Sim’s are specialists in providing a bespoke M2M mobile data solution for your Taxi & Despatch system. We provide a range of solutions and plans to ensure your devices are connected to the fastest and strongest network in your area. This includes single sim, dual sim and open roaming mobile data solution.

We provide a complete range of data only M2M Sim connectivity contracts all with M2M Sim Management Portal. This gives you real-time data monitoring and provisioning, to get your Taxi PDAs connected to 2G/3G GSM and 4G LTE UK Networks. Reducing costs and offering guaranteed availability to your mission-critical applications.

Try it for Free for 30 Days!

Receive a maximum 3 test M2M SIM cards and 30 days of M2M Taxi SIM connectivity to try on your taxi PSAs.

Best SIM Management

Manage all sim cards yourself though management portal

Watchdog Alerts​

Add alerts and watchdogs to prevent excess data usage by misuse or abuse

Pooled Data

Never go over your data allowance using our pooled data allowance

No Overage charges

There is no overager charges with M2M Taxi SIMS, so no unwanted "bill shock"

Add Voice and SMS

You can request voice and sms to your data only SIM

100% Secure

Fixed IP and Private APN, gives completed control and security

Taxi Dispatch Systems

M2M Taxi SIMs work with all leading Taxi Dispatch Systems
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