Smart Messaging

Stay connected with your customers through their favourite channel, WhatsApp, guaranteeing they never miss crucial notifications thanks to SMS Failover.

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Taxi Smart Messaging Service

Send WhatsApp messages to your customers

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp serves as an excellent platform for sharing your brand messages and notifications with customers.
By utilizing M2M Smart Messaging, you can effortlessly ascertain the delivery status of a WhatsApp message and utilize our auto SMS failover solution to guarantee communication with your customers.

How it works?

Say goodbye to wasted time and money – M2M Smart Messaging has got you covered!

WhatsApp Notifications

With a user base exceeding 2 billion individuals, WhatsApp represents an excellent channel through which you can communicate your brand messages or notifications to your customers.

Smart Messaging

A messaging platform that works for you. Easily send WhatsApp messages in bulk, automatically include data in messages, auto SMS failover, monitor click-through rates, and a variety of other intelligent functions.

Bulk Messaging

Streamline the process of sending a high volume of messages on WhatsApp with SMS backup. Some functionalities include customizing your messages, sending intelligent surveys, and monitoring your click-through rates.


Our platform allows you to automate your marketing tasks, customer service messages, and responses. Let us handle the hard work for you and free up your time.


WhatsApp enables users to add supplementary content to their messages, which can help personalize them or provide additional information, like a video, image, questionnaire, or receipt.

Smart Messaging API

Utilize our API to connect your platform with ours. WhatsApp and SMS can be used independently or as part of a sequence through our API.

Integrations Are Essential

Unlock the power of our Integration with Autocab 365 and Cordic. Along with the best payment link providers to accept fares via credit and/or debit card using WhatsApp ChatBot booking channel.
Begin your Smart Messaging Journey with us today 

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