What’s the difference between SIM Cards and M2M SIM Cards

The standard SIM card we all used today on our mobile phones has been designed and made for mobile phone usage. As a result, mobile SIM plans are built around usage and catered for consumer needs.

A standard mobile SIM card doesn’t provide the critical features and functions of an M2M SIM Card. The M2M SIM acts almost the same way as a standard SIM, but it does a very different job.

M2M SIM cards have been designed and built to survive tough conditions, withstanding extreme temperature and movement. As a result, they are more reliable and last longer than the standard mobile SIM.

They give you access to fast and secure connectivity, along with global connectivity. M2M SIMs are not fixed to one mobile network, which means they stay connected the strongest signal using the latest roaming SIM technology.

Commercial benefits include the flexibility to share data across all devices. As a result, SIMs don’t need individual plans for each SIM card.

The business benefits of the M2M SIM includes complete control over your SIM estate via an IoT platform. You can Management your own SIM activations and deactivations. And even track data usage and SIM activity in real-time.

Unlike many traditional standard SIMs, M2M SIMs tend to on a contract, not a “pay as you go” basis. And the data packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of the M2M applications.

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