Nokia 1.4 review: An impressive smartphone for taxi dispatch

Nokia 1.4 Smartphone Front View

For many Taxi firms, the idea of spending anything more than £100 on a new handset is out of the question. Introducing the brand-new Nokia 1.4, a good-looking phone, surprisingly so for such a budget model. The back of the 1.4 is pleasingly sleek, a chrome and textured design that comes in either charcoal or the fjord that gleams in attractive blue or purple hues, depending on the lighting.

Nokia 1.4 Smartphone Front View

It’s a nicely made phone, with reasonably skinny screen-bordering bezels and a neat hole-punch notch in the top-middle edge of the display. The two rear-facing cameras are housed in a circular camera array on the back, sitting just above a sensibly placed fingerprint sensor for secure unlocks.

Review of the Nokia 1.4 Display

The Nokia 1.4 has a large 20:9 aspect 6.52in screen with a dual-camera array on the back. Quality-wise, it’s not bad at all, with an average Delta E of 1.78 (lower is better), sRGB coverage of 85.5% and a total volume of 87.5%.

Review of the Nokia 1.4 Display Performance

Inside the phone is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 chipset with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, with space for a microSD card next to its two SIM slots. It also runs Android 10 Go – a slightly tweaked version of Google’s mobile OS for low-powered handsets – with an upgrade to Android 11 Go expected in the near future.

Fingerprint and face recognition security works without issue. The 4,000mAh battery is impressive at this price, and comfortably provides a full day of heavy usage. Nokia says that you should be able to get two days out of the battery with normal usage.

The verdict of the Nokia 1.4 smartphone

The Nokia 1.4 is the perfect smartphone for taxi dispatch, at a price less than £100. Perfect screen size for taxi dispatch, along with its super lightweight feel, there’s not much wrong with it. Yes, its specs aren’t brilliant. However, for taxi dispatch, it all works and looks great.

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