M2M Taxi SIMs

M2M Taxi SIMs

Keeping your taxis connected

What are Multi-Network Roaming SIM cards

There are many companies offering one network data SIM’s (or Single Net SIMs), JT M2M provide you with Multi Network roaming SIM cards as standard.

What does this mean?
Multi Network SIMs provide coverage across the FIVE UK GPRS  networks. If a network goes down or a signal cannot be gained from one network, it will automatically switch to the next strongest GPRS signal from any one of FIVE UK GPRS Networks; Vodafone, O2 , Everything Everywhere (previously Orange & T-Mobile) and 3, this means for you is that you should never lose signal.

Why choose M2M Taxi SIMs?

  • Automatic connection to the strongest of FIVE UK GPRS Networks
  • If one network is unavailable the M2M Taxi SIM will automatically connect to the next strongest one
  • The power to select a Network of your choice, from Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile (Everything Everywhere) and 3
  • If the network automatically selected by the terminal is congested, you can manually swap to a different one

What makes it so special?
M2M Taxi SIMs are powered by JT M2M, offering flat pricing across all UK networks we also specialise in totally redundant solutions within the UK and Ireland.

We have invested many years in growing our relationships with mobile networks all over the world, and as a result now have over 420 roaming relationships globally.

What makes the M2M Taxi SIMs offering different from other roaming SIMs in the market?
One of the most important differences between the M2M Taxi SIMs product and other roaming products in the market is our attitude to steering principles. We see steering as being particularly harmful to M2M device connectivity, and subsequently have developed rules based intelligent principles dependent on GPRS signal strength to drive network selection and switching. This has enables us to offer you fast data connectivity as our SIMs don’t have long cycles of attempting to locate the MNO partner network – even if it isn’t available.

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