M2M Taxi SIMs

M2M Taxi SIMs

Keeping your taxis connected

M2M TAXI SIMs Launches Multi-Network M2M SIM CARD for Taxi Dispatch Systems

The M2M Taxi SIM automatically selects the best connection from a range of networks to ensure always on connection for Taxi Dispatch System.

On the 22nd May, 2012 – JT M2M the UK’s leading multi-network roaming data SIM network launched the M2M Taxi SIM.   It is available in the standard Full Size SIM card size, which is about the same size as a credit card (85.60 mm × 53.98 mm × 0.76 mm) and the Mini SIM Card the thickness of these are the same as the earliest 0.76mm, however the length is 25mm and width is 15mm.

The new M2M Taxi SIMs are configured to work across multiple networks and offer continued service should one or more networks be unavailable. Traditionally, coverage issues, network outages, interference or fading signals mean that Taxi Dispatch System applications with single network connections are not always able to communicate when necessary.

JT M2M are leading the way in enabling machines get connected with our global open roaming machine-to-machine technologies and service delivery. The reason is simple – if the device and application are not connected to the network, they simply won’t work.

M2M Taxi SIMs can be managed through the M2M SIM Management Portal which gives control of the connection along with real time views of status and data usage.  JT M2M have built a M2M Taxi SIM service that solves the problems of network dependence and data signal loss, which is the key factor in making your Tax Dispatch System work. Mobile networks do fail, sometimes for extended periods. With Open Multi Network Roaming SIMs you can future-proof your Taxi Dispatch System through our no network steering or PLMN list to confuse M2M devices.

The reason why M2M Taxi SIM work so well is due to not having any preferred networks, so what happens under normal roaming scenarios is as follows;

• Device finds a network. Typically the strongest network will attract the device’s attachment.
• Device, via SIM, asks the M2M network if it’s allowed to attach. The M2M network says yes.
• Visited network then delivers data and SMS services to the device.
• If device loses network, it detaches, listens, and the same process starts again.
• The SIM doesn’t choose or pick anything.

All of this is dependent on correct device software behaviour. The signal threshold of how little signal exists before switching to another network or detaching from the current network is governed by the device that is being used.

Paul Bullock at JT M2M, said: “M2M Taxi SIMs are a great option for any Taxi Company wishing to make sure that their Taxi Dispatch System stays connected 100% of the time. We are seeing a strong demand for our Multi-Network Roaming Data SIMs, where the delivery of the data is important. With our extensive range of features we offer our customers in conjunction with having all five UK mobile networks on one SIM card is proving to be very popular with Taxi Firms.”

Our team of dedicated professionals with the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully help you deliver your M2M requirements we are the first choice for multi-network roaming data services that get your machines talking.  JT M2M offer M2M Data Plans that include a valuable range of services designed to simplify management of your data bill as well as to prevent unwanted bill shock from excess data charges.

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