M2M Data SIMs for Taxi Dispatch Systems

Designed for Taxi Dispatch Systems. Designed to Keep Britain’s Taxis Connected.

M2M TAXI SIMs for the Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Industry

M2M Taxi SIMs Powered by JT M2M have designed a M2M package to deliver the correct data package for a Private Hire and Taxi dispatch data terminals.

Always Connected:  Multi Network Roaming Data SIMs that find the strongest mobile signal.  Our M2M Taxi SIMs work on many Taxi and Fleet dispatch systems within the UK, Ireland, Europe and Global market place.

M2M Taxi SIMs supply Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle companies M2M Data SIMs with GPRS/Data.  Modern dispatch systems operate fully on the mobile networks, enabling many new features and offering a truly different working experience for taxi drivers.

Benefits M2M Taxi SIMs for Taxi Dispatch Systems:

  • Track your fleet anywhere in the UK, Ireland, Europe or Global.
  • No mobile signal issues with multi-network roaming data SIMs.
  • No issues with line of site CB aerial sites.
  • Hands-free communications with keeping the driver legal.
  • Record Voice calls from Depot to driver for safety and legal requirements (optional).
  • M2M Taxi SIMs offer 12 month, 24 month and 36 month contract options which keeps operational costs low.

Benefits from M2M data SIMs:

  • Always Connected – Multi Network Roaming SIMs search out the strongest signal, so your vehicles stay connected for real time dispatch.
  • Increase Revenues – Your drivers can complete more jobs due to less time spent travelling to jobs.
  • Reduce Fuel Costs –Taxi Dispatch Systems with M2M SIMs increased efficiency with shorter journeys to jobs saves on fuel.
  • Improved Customer Service – Ability to update customers on the location of the vehicle allocated to their job. Plus faster response times due to drivers being allocated jobs close to their actual position.

M2M Taxi SIMs are the market leader in Multi Network Roaming M2M SIMs to the Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Companies in the UK. We offer a range of low cost Data SIM airtime connectivity plans to meet the needs of our customers.

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