M2M Taxi SIMs

M2M Taxi SIMs

Keeping your taxis connected

IoT SIMs that keep Taxi PDA dispatch connected

IoT SIMsHaving problems with your Taxi PDA dispatch system not getting any mobile signal?

The answer is to switch to using JT IoT SIMs with Multi-Network Open Roaming, as they solve the problem of network dependence and signal loss.

Get the best IoT SIMs network coverage with:

  • GPRS, 2G, 3G and 4G LTE data plans, SMS on tier-one networks around the world
  • Secure Private APN, with dynamic IP address, fixed public IP, fixed private IP or IP SEC VPN
  • IoT SIM Management Platform
  • Market leading customer support
  • Over 600 roaming agreements in over 180 countries

Contact us today about our IoT SIMs and additional value-added IoT services.

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