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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to M2M Taxi SIMs FAQ section.  This has been designed to help you understand more about who we are and some of the common terminology used in M2M, to help increase your understanding of what M2M Taxi SIMs can do for you and your business.

Can I use any phone with M2M Taxi SIM cards?

You can install our M2M Taxi SIM Cards into any phone that is sim free or unlocked by your current provider. The simplest way to check this is to put a sim card from a different operator (ideally from a friend or family member) into your phone and see if it still works. If this works your phone is not locked. If your phone is locked you have 2 options;

  1. You can get your phone unlocked from local shops or kiosks that offer this fairly basic service.
  2. Buy a new sim free phone from M2M Taxi SIMs.

Please note that all handsets sold by M2M Taxi SIMs work with any sim card purchased on this website.

What do I do if my phone is locked to an operator?

You should first call your operator and ask them to do this for you, this is normally done free of charge.

How do I know if my phone is locked to an operator?

A simple test is done by inserting a sim card from another operator into your phone. If your phone then works as normal then it is not operator locked

How do I activate my M2M Taxi SIM card?

M2M Taxi SIM cards will require activation either by you via the M2M Portal or by emailing activate@m2mtaxisims.com. All instructions are included in the welcome pack you receive and/or in the welcome email you will receive. Note that if we require any information from you such as your fixed private IP address that your taxi dispatch program uses, we will inform you by email shortly after your sim card has been despatched.

When does my data plan start?

You can select your required M2M Taxi SIM data plan from our online store, which starts when you activate the SIM on the M2M Portal. It does not have to start on the day you buy the sim card

Does the M2M Taxi SIM card expire?

Yes. Every prepaid and postpaid M2M Taxi SIM card has an expiry date which differs depending on the contract term of the SIM you have purchased. Please check the terms for the SIM card you are interested in buying on this website to find out the validity time for that SIM card.

Whom do I contact if I have a problem using the M2M Taxi SIM card?

All of our network partners have excellent customer service operations. The number to call will be contained in our information pack supplied with your M2M Taxi SIM card.

What size are the M2M Taxi SIMs Cards?

The M2M Gold Service SIMs are the Combi SIM Card.   Silver and Bronze Service SIMs are the Standard (Mini) SIM Card.  The combi SIM and standard sim are used in most phones.

If you require a micro or a nano sim you will need to contact our sales team to arrange a special order.

Micro sim is for an iPhone 4 / 4S, the Samsung Galaxy range plus certain new Nokia, HTC and Sony smartphones.  Nano sims are currently only used in an iPhone 5.

M2M Taxi SIM Card Sizes

Do I need to register on m2mtaxisims.com

No, setting up an account is not compulsory and you can place an order as a guest

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all credit and debit cards and PayPal, or you can pay directly with your Visa or Mastercard.

What are the shipping terms?

We offer shipping to anywhere in the UK, please see our shipping page for further details including prices and timings.