M2M Taxi SIMs

M2M Taxi SIMs

Keeping your taxis connected

Data SIMs for Taxi Logistics

Why pay more than you need to for Taxi logistics data SIMs.

At M2M Taxi SIMs we supply data only M2M SIMs for the Taxi and Private Hire industry.

Powered by JT IoT you can trust us to provide the best service possible, using open roaming data SIMs that connect you to all the UK mobile networks.

We understand your Data SIM requirements, based on the taxi dispatch software that you are using, and we provide you with the data that you require.

For many years we have worked with customers who use the following taxi dispatch software,  so we can help you determine your data requirements.

  • iCabbi
  • Cordic
  • AutoCab
  • T | Distatch
  • CabDespatch
  • Mercury
  • Trapeze
  • MTData
  • Marandy Data Communicaitons
  • TaxiBookr
  • DDS Digital Dispatch

Using free data control apps like App Locker | Best AppLock or MobiLock Kiosk Lockdown Basic help reduce the amount of data being used.

The Benefits of MobiLock Kiosk Lockdown

MobiLock lets you turn your Android smartphones into kiosk mode by locking down the default home screen.  Taxi drivers will only be able to access the taxi dispatch app you have allowed.   It is now so easy to block access to games, growsing, social media, system settings and much more.   Download for free.

Contact us today for our latest prices for taxi dispatch data only SIM cards.

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